Лист американському сенатору щодо підтримки України

Лист американському сенатору щодо підтримки України

«If the children in Ukraine can make socks, what can we do?»


Dear Sen. Grassley,

Congratulations on finally getting back in the Majority. It is a big victory for America. Pass small and specific bills so the American people can see that the Campaigner-in-Chief’s words do not meet his actions.

I wanted to write and plead with you to speak with your colleagues as often as possible to send military support to Ukraine. As President Poroshenko said in his speech to Congress, Ukraine is the front line of the fight for freedom and democracy. Its true.

The «West» has tried to be diplomatic with Putin but just like all Bullies, he doesn’t understand diplomacy. He will only understand a black eye. He deserves it.

1st graders in western Ukraine are knitting socks for their military servicemen and women. Certainly we could send arms, training, equipment, money and the truth.

I know the President signed the Support Ukraine legislation but I think we really need to hold his feet to the fire and follow up and make sure they get the help NOW. The Ukrainian parliament changed their status to non-aligned and NATO and the EU have agreed it is ok for member States to send defensive support to Ukraine. Even a proxy war is better than leaving Ukraine alone to be destroyed again by Communists and Fascists.

Russia has stationed 50,000 troops at the border and sent in 9,000 already. Sending these troops in with no patches or license plates makes them TERRORISTS. Thus, they deserve NO international law considerations. Also, if they really weren’t sent by Putin, he should not have a problem if they are defeated. That would bring peace to one of our best friends in the world, Ukraine.

Nobody wants to have Russia as a neighbor. If Ukraine falls, Poland, Moldova, Romania, Georgia and the Balkan States will be next. Do we really want to be in that position in a couple of years?


1st, Russia needs to be removed as a permanent member of the UN Security Council. The world should not support having a fascist nation having a veto on the council.

2nd, Russia needs to be removed from the World Bank, IMF and from any international banking systems.

3rd, they need to be publicly held to account for not abiding by their international agreements including the Bucharest agreement and many others.

4th, they need to relocate their Black Sea Fleet from Crimea as they promised to do more than 20 years ago. They can relocate near Sochi. They have no reason to be in Ukraine.

5th, they need to remove all military from Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, and any other of their neighbors as they also promised to do more than 20 years ago.

6th, the West needs to support Russia’s own «separatist» regions including Siberia, Chechnya, Kaliningrad and other regions.

7th, The U.S. needs to send LNG to Europe and support conversion stations there. The Obama administration has denied 23 out of 24 applications to do it.

We know Putin cannot be civilized or honest. Russian culture rewards criminal activity and lies. If the children in Ukraine can make socks, what can we do?

Thank you very much,


Burlington, Iowa



P.S. Громадяни США пишуть листи сенаторам, зокрема своїх штатів, у яких висловлюють свої думки щодо зовнішньої і внутрішньої політики. Варто зазначити, люди завжди отримують відповідь від сенаторів. Думка громадян для сенаторів є важлива.

Мій чоловік Jim Zachmeyer (Джим Закмаєр) надіслав листа сенатору-республіканцю від штату Айова Charles Grassley (Чарльз Граслі) щодо підтримки України.

Чарльз Граслі – голова юридичного комітету сенату.

Ольга ЧОРНА.  



Ольга Чорна

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